About AspenKidsGuide.org

Life with young children in the Roaring Fork Valley can be active, fun and fast paced. It can also be difficult to navigate and challenging for parents to find resources and support. We polled parents and asked what information and resources were lacking. Families asked for a central digital hub for local information on camps, childcare, activities, well-being and other resources. Based on those responses, we created the Aspen Kids Guide to better serve families in our community. 

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About Kids First:

Kids First is an early childhood resource center and a department of the City of Aspen. Kids First provides funding, resources, and services to support our mission and goals: Promote the availability of quality, affordable early childhood care & education; Provide access to early childhood information and resources. We are here to support young children, families and caregivers in our beautiful community. 

About Aspen Family Connections:

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Aspen Family Connections (AFC) is a school based family resource center that links families to a wide range of resources: academic and emotional support, financial assistance, extracurricular activities, summer camps and more within the Pitkin Community. AFC works on the philosophy that an essential component of change is prevention – which is a dynamic and responsive exercise and an ongoing conversation, learning from what is already being done and seeking to amplify and maximize communities efforts.

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