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Wildwood School is a nonprofit Environmental Preschool. We serve children from 2 1/2 years to 6 years. We are open 5 days a week from 8:30 to 5. Wildwood School meets the developmental needs of the whole child while forming children’s lifelong meaningful relationships with the human and “more than human" communities. The power of play is connection to learning. Wildwood incorporates children’s interest and a blend of exploration with intentional guidance. On 10 acres of White River National Forest, our wondrous mountain setting amidst beaver ponds, nature trails and forests of spruce and willows invite the children to explore and experience their community. We are geared toward helping children connect to place and people by developing observation and discovery, practice, questioning, listening, and problem solving. Enveloped in an environment where children feel loved and respected, they develop awareness of the uniqueness of who they are and how they can express their feelings.

Contact Information:

Address: 0241 Wildwood Ln. Aspen CO. (PO Box 9290)

Phone: 970.925.5678

Email: wildwood@rof.net

Website: https://www.wildwoodschool.org

Languages: English, Spanish

Child Care Information:

Age Groups: 3-5

Childcare Provider Type: Licensed Childcare Provider

Colorado Shines Rated: Yes

Financial Assistance: Yes

Childcare times: Year-round

Location: Aspen

Childcare scholarships offered: Yes